Welcome to the 18th Annual International Baltic Sea Forum


Since 1995 – only a few months after the International Management Degree course of FH Stralsund – Baltic Management Studies (BMS) – was introduced, the students of BMS every year organize a conference under the scientific guidance of one of the BMS-Professors: The Baltic Sea Forum (BSF). According to his fields of research the professor coins the topic of this conference.
As I am the professor for international finance and capital markets and as the world is tumbling from one financial crisis to the next since 2007 (if not longer), this year’s BSF is concentrating on this topic. But we shall not only discuss origins and reasons, that has been done with little agreement according political origins and targets. Main focus will lie on the chances for our future.
I invite all interested in our future to participate in this discussion with experts from China, America and Europe.
Prof. Dr. Patrick MooreProf. Dr. Patrick Moore